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life cycle
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01. What we do

We help businesses of all kinds get their workspace right.

The commercial property and fit-out industry is complex and fractured. Navigating it can be time consuming, costly and unfruitful.

This is why we created Spaceful. We’re a single point-of-contact for your workspace life cycle, a trusted partner to your business saving you time and resources.

We consult on your project needs, partner with the right experts and manage everything from planning and property to design, fit-out and maintenance.

It’s a simplified process for creating workspaces that inspire your team, excite your clients and grow your business.

The result is a workspace that inspires your team and your organisation can be proud of.

02. Life Cycle

We're a single point of contact for your workspace.

Whether you’re a large organisation, a co-working enterprise or a growing business, our expertise takes the burden of time and investment off your shoulders.

01. Planning

We get to know your team and how they work to build a strategy for your workspaces’ entire lifespan.

02. Property

If you need a new space, we find it. Unaffiliated with any agency, we can procure property that truly fits your needs.

03. Design

Considering how the evolving nature of work can benefit your team, we work with leading architects to reimagine your interiors.

04. Fitout

We oversee everything from fit-out to furnishings, leveraging our trusted network of suppliers and contractors.

05. Maintenance

We take care of maintenance so you don’t have to, ensuring your workspace is at its best for its entire lifespan.

03. Team

Our team believes in making work a better place.

We have unparalleled experience, knowledge and networks from decades working in the commercial property and fit-out industry.

Ben Myhill Chief Executive Officer

With a wealth of knowledge from over twelve years of consulting, Ben knows how to create revolutionary workspaces. He leads a team that understands the importance of trust and commitment to deliver stunning results.

Ben Churchman Principal, Client Relations

Ben works with each client to analyse what’s working and what’s letting them down. With this insight, he discovers how Spaceful can make the biggest difference in their people’s lives.

04. Contact

Make a great
workspace happen. Get in touch with us today.

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