Workplace Design to Support Culture

What is it?

The shared value, attitudes and practices that characterise an organisation. It’s the personality of your organisation and plays a big role in overall employee satisfaction.

The four main types of organisation Culture are 

  • Clan: We’re all in this together
  • Hierarchy: Get it done RIGHT
  • Adhocracy: Risk it to get the biscuit
  • Market: We’re in it to win it
organisational culture matrix

Why does it matter?

In 2020 alone 47% of high-performing staff left their employer

of new employees decide in the first 90 days if they will stay and if it will be short or long-term

33% higher revenue in organisations that attract top talent

Interestingly, part of this is attributed to hiring top managers, which leads to 27% higher revenue per employee

Top talent is up to 8X MORE PRODUCTIVE

58% of employees have left a job or would consider leaving one if they felt the culture was permeated by negative office politics

86% of potential employees would NOT apply or continue to work for company with a bad reputation with former employees or the public

134% salary cost to an organisation of disengaged employee

How can workplace design attract & retain talent?

The objective is always to design spaces and provide resources representative of the diverse job functions that reside and thrive in each workplace.

To bring in top talent for every position, employers need to consider that staff at all levels want to spend time in a space that supports their needs throughout the entirety of their day.

It’s important to design for every employee; today’s workforce is spread across generational bounds each with their own needs and expectations. For example, Gen Z will have different expectations to Wellness than Baby Boomers.

Designing Work for Wellbeing


Instead of operating at two extremes, design which creates spaces for all employees and every task empowers employees with work choice. That is, employees select the workspace that best suits their needs for the day.

Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking is fostered when employees have designed spaces that can change in response to employee needs.

Work Choice

This creates psychological safety, autonomy, nurtures cooperation, reduces or eliminates bureaucracy and allows for collaboration across seniority levels.


In a new study, Gallup demonstrates well-being and engagement are reciprocal— influencing each other—and the deterioration of well-being is correlated with more work from home and social isolation.

Placing existing and prospective employees at the center throughout the workplace design lifecycle improves productivity, creativity and wellness. Promoting these advantages and considerations to potential employees is crucial in securing top talent across the workforce.


By investing in a healthy environment for employees, companies make a long-term commitment to their staff to provide positive spaces, allowing for longer and healthier relationships between companies and their employees.

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In modern times, worry and stress are higher for remote workers than for on-site workers. The importance of workplace design has never been higher.

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There’s a process to creating the right workspace for your team. It involves planning, property, design, fit out and maintenance. Spaceful is the expert to manage all of this.

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Plan a workplace that enhances culture with our Fit Out Resources

Office Fit Out

This one page Office Fit Out Checklist is the first step in assessing your project. It prompts you to consider the different elements of a fit out, many of which are often overlooked in the initial stages of planning. Start your fit out considerations with this checklist today.

Tenancy Comparison Calculator

The tenancy comparison calculator is designed to assist clients when shortlisting tenancies by calculating and comparing direct financial factors and physical environment priorities. Then download a free  PDF of your calculations.

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The office furniture calculator is designed to assist in scoping the furniture requirements for your office space and in doing so can help to determine how much space you will need to accommodate your requirements.

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The Lease Financials Calculator is designed to assist clients to analyse and compare the direct financial factors of property options over the lease term. Generate a free PDF breakdown of your prospective lease investment.

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