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Why should my company invest in a new office fit out?

Increase Productivity and Engagement

A workplace needs to be designed to promote productivity and facilitate engagement.

This is increasingly relevant in the modern economy and following on from the COVID 19 pandemic. Employees have become accustomed to working remotely and need to be attracted back into their traditional workplace in order to maximise teamwork, collaboration and an organisation’s culture.

The office fit out of a business has a marked impact on how productive staff are, as well as how likely they are to want to choose that workplace over remote working.

Designing Work for Wellbeing

Increase Staff Retention

A study completed by Sapio Research highlighted that 48% of staff think workplace design has a notable impact on their decision as to whether to stay with an employer.

So when assessing an office fit out, you are assessing your efforts to retain top talent.

Think of the top talent in your business. Think of the investment made to recruit, develop and create a culture from that talent. Then think of the costs and difficulties involved in replacing such talent if it were lost. 

With that in mind, an optimal office fit out is not only an investment in your team, but a necessary extension of all human resource investments to date.

Attract Top Talent

In a separate study, conducted by YouGov, almost half (48%) of respondents agree that the room where they were interviewed would influence their opinion of whether or not to accept a job offer.

This was particularly high in Medical & Health services at 69%, Sales & Marketing at 57%, and Finance & Accounting at 53%.

Add to that the tight labour market and competition for top talent, and it’s easy to appreciate how your office fit out can be a deciding factor in whether or not you recruit top talent.

So when investing in an office fit out, you are investing in your ability to recruit sort after A-players, who in turn will be the key source of value creation for your business.


Why choose Spaceful for your office fit out?

Spaceful manages everything from planning and property, to design, fit-out, and maintenance.

If your company is considering a new office or looking to fit out an existing building, talk to Spaceful today.

We help all kinds of businesses get their workspaces right.

The commercial property and fit-out industry is complex and fractured. Navigating it can be time consuming, costly and unfruitful.

This is why we created Spaceful. We’re a single point-of-contact for your workspace life cycle, a trusted partner to your business, saving you time and resources.

We consult on your needs and partner with the right experts for each project.

It’s a simplified process for creating workspaces that inspire your team, excite your clients and grow your business. The result is a workspace that inspires your team and that your organisation can be proud of.

With teams in the ACT, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia, we are Australia’s choice for office fit outs.

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Office Fit Out Resources

Office Fit Out

This one page Office Fit Out Checklist is the first step in assessing your project. It prompts you to consider the different elements of a fit out, many of which are often overlooked in the initial stages of planning. Start your fit out considerations with this checklist today.

Tenancy Comparison Calculator

The tenancy comparison calculator is designed to assist clients when shortlisting tenancies by calculating and comparing direct financial factors and physical environment priorities. Then download a free  PDF of your calculations.

Office Furniture

The office furniture calculator is designed to assist in scoping the furniture requirements for your office space and in doing so can help to determine how much space you will need to accommodate your requirements.

Lease Financials

The Lease Financials Calculator is designed to assist clients to analyse and compare the direct financial factors of property options over the lease term. Generate a free PDF breakdown of your prospective lease investment.

Fit Out Industry

We’ve compiled 20 pages of industry insights from Spaceful’s experience across Australia. Explore key elements of fit out strategy, design and construction and employee engagement metrics. Download our free PDF today.

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Our team a readily available to answer any office fit-out or commercial lease questions you may have.


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