Commercial Fit Outs

We manage everything from planning and property, to design, fit-out, and maintenance.

A company’s commercial fit out is an extension of its brand, products and values. It requires expertise to be planned and executed correctly.

Spaceful is an Australian-owned company that has decades of experience providing commercial fit outs to a range of industries. With offices in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth; we are Australia’s leading provider of commercial fit outs. 

Why Choose Spaceful for a Commercial Fit Out ?

Spaceful handles every step of the commercial fit out process. We assist with property and lease screening, design, planning, the delivery of a fit out, and the ongoing maintenance of that space. 

The complexity of all these tasks means that the right expertise is required to ensure that a commercial fit out is a positive investment for growth-minded businesses. Spaceful delivers that expertise and manages the entire process. That allows your business to focus on its core offering, safe in the knowledge that you will receive the best commercial fit out possible, with minimal stress and uncertainty.

Spaceful recently saved a client over 200 management hours on their commercial fit out, at a value of $200,000.

The Right Commercial Fit Out Will Pay For Itself

Having the right workplace design is an investment in your brand and team.

The design of a fit out materially impacts your customer’s purchasing habits. It is an extension of your company’s identity and when done correctly will increase brand equity, sales and conversion.

A recent Sapio Research study highlighted that 48% of employees acknowledged their workplace design as being a major factor in the decision to stay with a company. So ask yourself, is your commercial fit out maximising your retention of talent? Is it attracting new talent? And if you want to ensure that it does, talk to Spaceful today.

Commercial Fit Out Resources

Office Fit Out

This one page Office Fit Out Checklist is the first step in assessing your project. It prompts you to consider the different elements of a fit out, many of which are often overlooked in the initial stages of planning. Start your fit out considerations with this checklist today.

Tenancy Comparison Calculator

The tenancy comparison calculator is designed to assist clients when shortlisting tenancies by calculating and comparing direct financial factors and physical environment priorities. Then download a free  PDF of your calculations.

Office Furniture

The office furniture calculator is designed to assist in scoping the furniture requirements for your office space and in doing so can help to determine how much space you will need to accommodate your requirements.

Lease Financials

The Lease Financials Calculator is designed to assist clients to analyse and compare the direct financial factors of property options over the lease term. Generate a free PDF breakdown of your prospective lease investment.

Fit Out Industry

We’ve compiled 20 pages of industry insights from Spaceful’s experience across Australia. Explore key elements of fit out strategy, design and construction and employee engagement metrics. Download our free PDF today.

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